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About Innately Well Health Coaching

The approach at Innately Well centres around holistic nutrition with an emphasis on Food as Medicine, balance in life areas and supportive habits.

Integrative Dietetics: Medical Nutrition Therapy with holistic functional nutrition involves a unique combination of dietetics and functional nutrition where ‘food as medicine’ is central.

Modern-day medicine takes its cues from plants and herbs that come from the earth. In our ‘food as medicine’ approach the natural healing properties of wholefoods, herbs and spices are utilised to assist the functions and recovery of vital organs and ultimately regain optimum health.

Equally important is our relationship with food and other aspects of a healthy lifestyle, such as exercise, sleep, work, as well as our relationships with family members and others. Often our emotions, our thoughts and our past experiences have us repeating the same cycles - yo-yo dieting, binge eating or strict eating cycles.

Health & Wellness Coaching And Holistic Balance At Innately Well

At Innately Well, wellness coaching takes you step by step toward sustainable health, eating and behaviour changes for holistic wellbeing. Drawing from a background in integrative nutrition and health coaching, as well as alternative approaches – eft tapping and shadow work - we work together to build a sustainable individual plan within a supportive, compassionate coaching environment.

About Ros Bongiorno, Integrative Dietitian, Holistic Health And Wellness Coach

After completing my Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics nearly 20 years ago, I recognised that the food we put into our mouths, although crucial, is not the only ingredient needed for our health. Emotional wellbeing and lifestyle plays a big part. After further education in functional nutrition, EFT tapping therapy and becoming qualified as a Life and Health coach founded Innately Well to provide an integrative and holistic experience of nutrition and health care.

Food as medicine is a powerful mantra, however, there can be deep seated emotions and undesirable behaviours stopping us from eating the right foods and causing chronic health problems. I’m trained to analyse and pinpoint the aspects that are stopping you from feeling and being your best self and understand the changes that are needed to improve your health and wellbeing.

During our nutrition & health coaching sessions, I empower my clients with the skills and tools to deal with deep emotions to enlighten their path to better health and vitality.

I also recognise the role that our environment plays and contributes to our health issues. With a background in Industrial chemistry where I worked for a decade, I have a strong understanding of the world of chemicals in its many forms. I will help you address the role of environmental toxins on your body as well that of synthetic foods in your diet and how you can make better informed choices for your health.

Innately Well is about working together to sensitively and compassionately develop a sound individualised nutrition and wellness plan and step by step action and goal setting to overcome stress, feelings of overwhelm and procrastination. To help you feel energised with renewed health stamina, to find inner peace, a belief in yourself and all that you can achieve.

Ros Bongiorno, Integrative Dietitian And Coach Education

MND (Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics), University of Sydney
PostGradDipAppSc (Colloid Chemistry), Swinburne University of Technology
BAppSc (Chemistry Hons), University of Melbourne
Intermediate Clinical EFT Practitioner (Emotional Freedom Techniques), EFT Universe
Health Coaching Certification, Wellness Coaching Australia
Breakthrough Shadow (Life) Coaching Certification, Ford Institute
Functional Nutrition Certificate, Functional Nutrition Alliance
Profession Extension Diploma of Herbal Medicine (current to complete approx. April 2021), Southern Cross Herbal School
Plant Based Eating Certificate, Cornel University
Foundations of Nutrition & Environmental Medicine (current to complete 2020), ACNEM

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