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Healthy food

Good health and well being is essential for everyone. We can provide programs to provide information and coaching. On ways that you can positively influence your eating and physical activity levels. As well as manage the many challenges life throws in your way.

The food and mood connection

It was once thought that the gut simply had good and bad bacteria to aid us in digestion or give us uncomfortable symptoms to indicate that something isn’t working quite right. Not only do we become uncomfortable when the balance of flora and fauna in our gut is off now we know that our mood is also affected! Not only are we what we eat physically but also mentally and emotionally.

Take your time and chew your food

Remember when they told us to chew our food 27times? While this may seem like an overkill for those of us with digestion or weight issues we would feel better and get better results by chewing properly. Chewing helps the liver do its job and sends satiety messages to the brain thus helping again with digestion and fat burning.

Stress and why we are getting fatter

Our stress response mechanism is either on or off. When we are stressed, relaxation is off and vice versa. Optimal digestion occurs during relaxation and times of pleasure. The brain actually registers satiety in connection with pleasure. No pleasure in eating means no satiety registered.

Think for yourself and look behind the hype

healthy food for health and wellness

When you are looking for nutrition information. Look beyond the content on the website, research paper, or book. Understand whether the person writing the article has credentials and experience to give you the advice. You wouldn’t take financial advice from just anyone? Be vigilant with your health because once it’s gone earning it back is a long road.

Changing your mind for Wellness

Through tools like EFT and meditation, we can access our underlying commitments that usually come from childhood and change them so they are in alignment with what we what.

Our brain runs on glucose, but sugar is bad isn’t it?

Yes, glucose is a form of sugar and we are all going sugar-free aren’t we?

How do we get glucose to the brain on a regular basis… in comes fruit! The perfect food for the brain filled with the right sugar and in a nutrient-filled package. Think again about whether it makes sense for us to eat just one or two fruits and day? We are omnivores and built to run on fruit and vegetables with the occasional animal protein.

Wholefoods and chronic conditions

Can they really reverse heart disease and diabetes?

It could happen in only a few weeks. There are studies dating back into the 1980s that show that a very low animal fat diet can clear the arteries very quickly. So what do we do….we eat the wholefoods of course and eliminate processed foods and animal foods including dairy for a few weeks. Then check your results…

What is alkalinity? Can we really change our body’s alkalinity?

Alkalinity refers to the amount of free hydrogen (H+) and hydroxy (OH-) ions in our body… combine the two and we have water our best friend H20.

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