The Innately Well approach to Health and Wellness

The approach at Innately Well is wholistic.  Nutrition is paramount using a “Food as a Medicine” approach. Modern-day medicines take their cues from plants and various herbs that come from the earth. In a “food as medicine” approach the natural healing properties of wholefoods, herbs and spices are utilised to rebuild vital organs in order for healing to take place. Equally important is our relationship with food and other aspects of a healthy lifestyle, eg exercise, sleep, healthy relationships. Often our emotions, our thoughts, and our past experiences keep us repeating the same cycles again and again. When it comes to food this often shows up as yo-yo dieting, or binge eating and strict eating cycles. At Innately Well, clients learn Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). EFT cuts the connection and forming new habits becomes easy. This technique is a revolutionary healing process that changes the way the brain and body work together. EFT improves the healing of an imbalanced body and reaching your lifestyle goals becomes effortless.

Starting with a conversation about your goals and vision for your health and lifestyle. Ros at Innately Well will guide and empower you to take the steps needed to bring wellness into your life. Walking you through every part of your life, lifestyle, and habits. To develop your unique strategy which creates inner balance and in turn the outer balance.

“Our goal is your health and wellness, your challenge is to come in and discover how easy health and wellness can be.”

Ros Bongiorno

Ros Bongiorno

Wholistic Dietitian

“Our passion to help you change is built upon the satisfaction to see you walk, skip or run out the door on your way to being healthy and happy again.”

More than weight loss….healing chronic disease with food

What do you think when someone says “Im a dietitian”? The responses and questions I get when I am out socialising or networking give it away. Most people think weight loss. And yes we do and can guide you toward your ideal weight, to drop a dress size for that event, to feel more comfortable at that fancy resort. And I love doing that for my clients. I feel the joy when it all starts to fall into place. But there is more, so much more….

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The journey to a better life can seem daunting.  Approach it as a journey one step at a time. Take the first step and book in a conversation today. Call Ros for that initial conversation now.

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Using “Food as Medicine” will give you the ability to take charge of your life again. You will naturally start making better decisions about what you eat because you will know what is happening in your body and how to heal.

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EFT has evolved from a simply therapeutic technique to relieve the stress of anxiety. Today the techniques are used to help people relieve emotional issue as well as pain.

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