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What is health & wellness coaching?

Health coaching supports you to make behaviour changes in the prevention and treatment of a health issue or chronic disease. It incorporates Wellness coaching and thus can help you build the skills and habits you need to reach your health and lifestyle goals whatever they are.

An evidence-based application

Evidence based Health & Wellness Coaching seeks to guide and empower you, tapping into your core values and personal strengths to make sustainable healthy behaviour changes.

Food is medicine! And when you combine nutrition therapy via foods for specific health conditions, with health coaching to create new behaviours around food you become empowered to create your own healing. A health coach supports you to build new AND supportive food and lifestyle habits that will move you toward your health goals.

Health coaching begins with your vision for yourself and goals. You may seek to make sustainable changes to your eating and lifestyle habits to manage and reduce a chronic health issue. You may also wish to alter the balance of foods you eat to achieve a leaner body, or improve your digestive function, manage your diabetes, regain your energy and regain your general feeling of wellness.

Based on your goals and lifestyle, we develop a plan of action together. You become empowered with the knowledge of how to change your habits to achieve your health goals.

Health & wellness coaching sets up a series of steps or range of actions to make change happen.

How does health & wellness coaching work?

Health & Wellness Coaching Inner West SydneyHealth coaching uses behaviour change techniques and interventions. Taking into consideration your motivation for change, a customised clear plan of action is developed, to achieve your health goals. As a certified health coach Ros will ensure that your actions are SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-based) as well as manageable to build motivation and progress.

Health coaching works on the premise that as you start to make progress with your plan of action, you will start to feel better, symptoms may improve, results may show, and you grow stronger. Your sense of empowerment and self-confidence grows to enable you to continue towards your desired behaviour and health goals.

During our health coaching sessions

All review sessions at Innately Well are in essence health coaching sessions. We work toward progressing a sustainable plan to reach your health vision and goals. With encouragement, support, sound advice and accountability you will begin to move toward better health and build your own change and sustainability muscles. With improved confidence to make change by focusing on your strengths and building your soft spots into strengths.

Why choose Innately Well?

As an accredited dietitian and certified health coach, I offer clear nutrition advice and guidelines. And teach you wellness techniques you can use at home. The coaching sessions are grounded in medical nutritional therapy and functional nutrition within a holistic approach.

Innately Well has helped others like you overcome their health concerns and achieve true wellness and finally feel comfortable in their bodies. I regularly work with clients suffering with auto-immune, obesity, diabetes, digestion issues and empowered them with tools and a plan to turn their own health around as well as make lifestyle and food behaviour changes.


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