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Innately Well Integrative Dietetics and Holistic Health

The practice of Integrative Dietetics & Functional Nutrition is a holistic approach to health and wellness. It encompasses a food is medicine approach which is grounded in both Dietetics (Medical Nutrition Therapy) and Functional Nutrition.

When you are diagnosed with a chronic disease or major health issue it is crucial to look beyond the symptoms. Whilst symptom management is important and critical an integrative approach looks deeper and focuses on undertaking the nutritional groundwork that leads to sustainable health creation.

At Innately Well, clients that have conditions such as diabetes, auto-immune disease, high cholesterol, weight gain, stress-related health problems, chronic fatigue are assessed with both a functional nutrition and dietetics lens. Using evidence-based nutrition as well as the wisdom and experience of natural medicine.

A holistic nutrition approach

Nutritious whole food feeds our body, gives us the energy to go about our daily lives and is a crucial component that determines our health over time.

Food can strengthen our body to help it overcome disease or it can sometimes worsen chronic disease. Our relationship with food can sometimes involve harmful habits and learning how food can create a strong and healthier body can be the missing link on your road to health.

At Innately Well, a holistic approach to nutrition is used. This Integrative nutrition aligns with your body’s natural healing mechanisms and involves both medical nutrition therapy and functional nutrition.

How does nutrition help chronic health issues?

Integrative Dietetics & Functional Nutrition in Sydney

You may seek to lower your cholesterol, manage or reverse diabetes, increase the functioning of your liver and lose weight, or be free of digestive issues. Nutrition coaching at Innately Well uses both evidence-based nutrition and the wisdom of holistic functional nutrition to begin your healing to optimal health.

Dietary education often falls short and focuses on macronutrients and calories. Integrative nutrition focuses on wholefoods and all their nutrients and how the body uses all of a food's components. The body’s health and recovery does not rely solely on macronutrients and micronutrients but also anti oxidants, poly phenols and a host of chemicals.

Integrative nutrition not only considers the power of healing-oriented food for your health issues or chronic disease, but also your connection to the whole you – your lifestyle, food habits, emotions, and relationships.

How do I prepare for my nutritional therapy session?

Prior to your first consultation, you will be asked to complete a 3-day food diary and a well-being assessment.

This is invaluable information and helps us both to start building a plan to that takes into account your current eating plan and lifestyle.

This process creates awareness and is also a starting point from which to create new eating plans and habits. This is powerful in establishing the relationship between food, behaviour and your chronic disease or issue.

Accredited Practising Dietitian at Innately Well

As an APD dietitian and nutritionist, Ros can set and recommend meal plans and diets based on your individual needs and according to the latest nutritional research. Ros combines her medical nutrition therapy skills with her functional nutrition training, to guide you toward your health goals.

Rebuild your health through better nutrition and healthier behaviours.


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