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In this fast-paced world, “living well” is paramount and we all want to look and feel the way. We are constantly being bombarded with new health fads and food fears. There certainly is no shortage of fads that could help you lose weight and increase your metabolism by eating less carbs or more protein, or by quitting sugar or having fast and cheat days. These fads that will be on top of mind until the next fad in living well space comes along.

No matter who you are and what type of lifestyle you live. One thing is for certain though. If you are not conscience of the way you live and aware of the good, the bad and the ugly. Your life may not be as fun and pain-free as you may want At the end of the day real long-term weight loss and wellness requires a sustainable eating plan that is individualized for you.

There is more to food than simple carbs, protein, and fat. Food as medicine is the key to a vital and healthy life filled with energy and happiness. Food is how we obtain the majority of our nutrients and energy and the fibre we need. If you focus on food as medicine and on what your body is trying to tell you, you will soon learn what to add and what to eliminate from your eating plan. Sometimes the small changes can have the most impact with only a minor change to your lifestyle. Healing from within with the right food choices is the key to regaining your health and sustainable weight loss.

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At Innately Well, we keep up to date with the latest research and fads noting the findings of scientists and other health practitioners. But at the end of the day, we come back to the basics in life. A focus believes that if you can change your mindset, bring everything back to basics. You can change your life to be one of great health and filled with energy to do whatever is on your bucket list.

After many years as a Scientist and then Dietitian Ros has the ability to critically review food-related studies and food myths Client satisfaction is paramount and all sessions are client led whilst keeping client health as the highest priority for each session. Our programs will help you change your body, both from the inside and outside for the long term.

Individual sessions introduce the concept of “food as a medicine”. This will introduce some foods that are immensely powerful. Foods that will aid digestion and reduce toxins, boost the thyroid and immune system and much more. With the eating plan in place, we can start to reframe and reprogram your mind body and soul and to change your relationship with food and the past. Start concentrating on the present and future. After several sessions of coaching using EFT, mindful eating, and SMART goal setting you will have the framework in place to continue to regain your health.

Living well is more than just following a diet or doing more exercise. It’s about creating a balance in life. Where you can enjoy the greatness of life and live with energy and vitality for a long time. Our job is to help you make that change and keep you on track by regularly

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