More than weight loss

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Healing chronic disease with food

I practice as a wholistic dietitian. I use evidence-based medicine and can tell you what to eat and why. We can talk about protein, carbs, fibre, and even sugar! But be prepared to go deeper. Into what is really happening behind the scenes inside your body. Why you are gaining weight after 40. What is happening with your thyroid, adrenals, and liver, and how to support them and get them functioning at a higher level.

I work with clients who have been told they have diabetes or prediabetes, PCOS, hashimotos, and other conditions classed as autoimmune. (add more)

Recent research shows how food affects the gut microbiome (the healthy vs unhealthy bug balance) and we know from various approaches (eg ayurvedic, herbal medicine) that different foods offer us healing properties. In our western diets, we often lose sight of these and how we can heal ourselves with food.

Perhaps you are ready to take a different approach:

  • You’re sick and tired of being unwell
  • Of struggling with your weight
  • You’d rather find an alternative approach
  • Use lifestyle medicine to eliminate or keep free of chronic disease

Let’s move together to eliminate your struggle with your health. Contact me here to set up your first appointment.

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