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Shadow work coaching and your health

Wellness occurs when the whole body, mind and spirit are in alignment. When our commitment to ourselves and what we wish to achieve is greater than our excuses, fears and our perceived past failures. When we can uncover our hidden commitments, beliefs and fears we are opening our operating system to be rewired. This is the process of meeting our shadow self, Carl Jung, a Swiss psychologist use the term personal shadow. The Shadow can show up when we do things we later regret, or wonder why we did eg overeat, have that second helping instead of saying no, drink every night despite knowing we are harming our health. By investigating our shadow we discover what we are really committed to and our to change this and at the same time reintegrate our shadow one emotion at a time.

The Shadow work process works to help you to:

  • Discover your shadow emotions – you may be unaware of what is causing you to continue to behave or think in certain ways that damage your health
  • Uncover your limiting beliefs, and
  • Reintegrate emotions that you find difficult to express.

Through the process, you realign to yourself and begin to liberate energy and your health. Achieving an emotional balance and wholeness may just be the missing piece to your health puzzle. Add Shadow work to improved nutrition and tapping for stress reduction to regain your health.

This alignment coaching, using shadow work together with EFT Tapping therapy recreates you from the inside out mind, body and spirit and improves our digestion, metabolism and energy production systems.

Is shadow work right for you?

Shadow Work Coaching NSW

At Innately Well the Shadow work process is intuitive, quick working and deeply healing. Each time an emotion is re-integrated it is a joyful and transforming experience. Each re-integration means there are less repressed emotions holding us back and impacting our health via stress or poor choices. Our shadow self becomes smaller and less likely to reveal itself in ways that do not serve us.

Shadow work may be right for you:

  • In our health and food issues, these repressed emotions may reveal themselves as eating unhealthy food, resistance to exercising, food cravings or having difficulty with body acceptance
  • when you are seeking to make a change in your health or overcome a serious health condition
  • Shadow work is a great technique when you need to make significant changes in your life whether these are changing habits,
  • It is great for setting actions and making plans, to progressing over the inertia you are experiencing in an area of your life.

Shadow work and Innately Well

As a shadow work practitioner, Ros sensitively works to bring love, compassion and attention to those dark emotions that have been rejected. During our meditative process, we discover the emotional blocks in your shadow self, and how we can use them for new opportunities, to learn more about yourself, a mindfulness to heal on a deeper level.


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