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The simple and safe healing powers of EFT tapping therapy

EFT Tapping therapy is fast and effective. It is a powerful stress and behaviour management tool. Often only requiring one or two sessions to alter a food behaviour and replace it with a behaviour that results in improved health. Used regularly at home for it can support weight loss and reduce the risk of serious stress-related health problems.

EFT Tapping is particularly effective for weight loss and dealing with comfort eating, food cravings, exercise resistance, appetite and poor eating habits. The power of eft tapping is in its permanence as well as speed. Changes stick and you can move closer to your health goals with each session.

What is tapping therapy?

Officially known as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). It is a combination of ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology. Using your own fingers you tap on meridian points on your body, those same points used in acupuncture. At the same time, you focus on a specific health or food behaviour that you wish to change and tune into the emotion that holds this in place.

How EFT tapping works

EFT Tapping Therapy Sydney

As you tap on your meridian points (the acupressure part), you are calming your nervous system. Tapping sends a calming signal to your amygdala (the flight / fight response area of the brain). As you tap you become calmer (less stressed) and are able to make better decisions for your health and other areas of your life. When you tap whilst tuning into that health problem or food that you crave you are utilising exposure therapy and essentially tapping those feelings right out of your nervous system for good!

Tapping for health issues

Tapping therapy works well with many food and health-related issues.

At Innately Well Ros uses EFT Tapping regularly with her clients to assist them to reach their goals:

  • Desire to gain or reduce weight
  • food cravings & comfort eating
  • mood and food issues
  • desire to eat intuitively
  • body positivity and image
  • reducing pain and symptoms management
  • uncovering emotional connections to your health issue
  • reducing stress associated with your health condition.

During your tapping therapy sessions

Before each session, we discuss the issues and challenges you would like to work on. We start EFT tapping with the problem or presenting challenge and aim to cut the emotional connections at the root (usually childhood) resulting in simple and effective new habit formation. The benefits of tapping therapy are permanent and make long term changes possible.

EFT Tapping may be augmented with an inner child process called Matrix ReImprinting. This is a specialised EFT process that speeds up results exponentially. Since most of our habits and behaviours can be traced back to childhood events and circumstances it makes sense to work with the inner child. By freeing the inner child the adult too is freed.

Why choose Innately Well for EFT therapy?

As a certified EFT practitioner, Ros uses tapping therapy as a body-based stress reduction tool that her clients can use any time or anywhere as well as to address relationship with food issues. Her integrative nutrition background helps her incorporate good food, health, and mindful eating into her sessions so her clients can achieve positive and strong long term results.


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