What To Expect

Expect with Integrative Dietitian & Health Coach Help

How can an Integrative dietitian & health coach help you?

Empower you with information and knowledge about nutrition, supplementation and our food supply to empower you to address your particular health concerns
Shift you out of confusion so you are clear where to start
Change and evolve those habits that are no longer serving you or your health
Give you the coaching and accountability you need to finally make those changes that you say you want to make!
Perhaps you are ready to finally address some concerns that have been on your mind for some time and achieve sustained and ongoing health and vitality.

And one or more of the following statements ring true:

You feel unhappy with increasing weight gain & are looking for a sustainable eating & lifestyle plan
You are suffering with an ongoing health issue or chronic disease such as diabetes, auto-immune, gut pain and uncomfortable symptoms, hypertension and high cholesterol and more
You have an overall feeling of tiredness or lethargy, burn out, stress and ready to make lifestyle changes but don’t know how to start or create new habits
You are wanting to have a better relationship with food and eat for nutrition, hunger and with enjoyment without comfort and stress eating and hard to control cravings
You suspect you may have a nutrient or hormone imbalance, food intolerances, or are seeking support and clarification for minor health issues that could in fact be nutrition related like tooth decay and skin rashes.

The approach at Innately Well

Health Plan with Dietitian & Certified Health Coach in Sydney

Together we will look at three overlapping areas that impact your health and overall wellness:

  • Nutrition using a food as medicine approach
  • Energy creation and the transformation of emotions and stress
  • Lifestyle and habits and conscious choices.

We usually begin with addressing the fundamentals of diet and nutrition but do not stop there! In some cases, it may be more helpful to focus on one of the other areas first and use the tools of  EFT Tapping Therapy or even Integrative Shadow Life coaching to quickly resolve habits and lifestyle concerns that greatly impact your health.

Ask me how you can start unlocking your health puzzle with Innately Well. Improve your physical health and inner wellness. Discover how you can create a sustainable plan to reach that vital and well inner and outer state.

Book an appointment with Ros, a registered APD dietitian & certified Health Coach

Book an appointment and date at a time that suits you, to begin your journey to good health and vitality. You can book directly online or send through an enquiry from this website.

If you would like to know more book an initial Nutrition, Tapping or Shadow Coaching session with me or a short 20min exploratory to get started.

Do I need to bring anything to the first nutrition & health coaching session?

Yes, you may be asked to complete a 3-day diary or a wellbeing assessment before our meeting to understand your health issues and what is concerning you.  Please also bring any blood work, or other related test results and any letters from your doctor, specialist or other health professional.

Having all this information will help us to achieve more during our first session and be effective with our time together.

What happens at my first nutrition & health coaching session?

Your first consult session is an hour long held at Ryde, Lindfield or virtually via telehealth, where we will discuss your goals and vision for your health and lifestyle.   Exploratory sessions are 20mins in length and may be an option for you as a first step.

This first consult, while fact gathering and information-based, will give you an understanding of what is happening in your body and what will support your return to health as well as provide you with a series of techniques and action items to help you make changes in your life.  You will discover there are lots of resources and tools you can draw upon to begin feeling better and make sustainable changes to improve your health.

Ongoing consults may incorporate integrative nutrition with holistic nutrition coaching together with the most appropriate wellness techniques for you – eft tapping, shadow work, journaling, meditative processes, and spiritual alignment work - to guide you and uncover those thoughts and beliefs that are not assisting you to reach your health goals.

Will I need a follow-up health coaching session?

We will have a half-hour to one-hour follow-up usually a couple of weeks after your first session. This is to discuss how you have implemented new nutrition habits, techniques, and behaviours into your daily life.  We will further sharpen our action plans, so they become a natural part of your success to wellness and success.

What happens if I need more health coaching sessions?

If yours is a particularly complex case or a serious medical issue, we may require on-going regular reviews or accountability coaching to keep on track.  This will become apparent during our initial sessions and is totally at your discretion.  You are in the driver’s seat and we are going on this journey together toward the achievement of sustained and ongoing health and vitality.

Your work with me will lead to the development of an individualised strategy designed to create inner balance and in turn your outer balance. With a clear path ahead and new skills and tools to use to make improvements for better health and wellbeing. It may take a couple of sessions or longer but you will have the right nutrition & lifestyle changes and a clarity around what is going on with your health and wellness.


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